[GeoNode-users] Cannot upload layer Shp geonode 2.6 ubuntu 16

Muhammad Iqbal Firdaus muh.firdausiqbal at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 05:41:37 PDT 2017

Dear all,

I've install geonode 2.6 in custom install on ubuntu 16 Xenial. The
installation is finish, and i can go to localhost both geonode and
geoserver. I also use tomcat 8 and postgresql 9.6 and postgis 2.3. However,
when I upload shp from geonode, it give an error, that postgrestprefer
query, and also, when i want to publish postgis data using geoserver, it
come out the similar error.

Is that because of geonode not support ubuntu 16?, or something else?  Like
not support postgre 9.6? Or tomcat8?

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