[GeoNode-users] Increase performance for loading map, because of capabilities request

John, Steffen s.john at atenekom.eu
Mon May 8 01:38:02 PDT 2017


I'm running Geonode 2.4. with approximately 300 layers. Whenever I load a map (containing 80 layers), it takes around 20 seconds.
Using the developer tool of the browser, I could identify a GetCapabilties-Request to the geoserver, which takes around 17 seconds.

The XML Document contains around 40000 lines, which is the reason for the long loading time. It contains all Capabilities of all the layers included in Geonode (not only the ones included in the map).

How can I improve the performance?
Is it possible to avoid the capabilities request or at least only load the capabilities of the layers which are included in the map?

I'm thankful for any hints.


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