[GeoNode-users] Geonode and asynchronous celery task

John, Steffen s.john at atenekom.eu
Mon May 15 00:10:10 PDT 2017


I need to add asynchronous celery tasks to Geonode. I'm succesful with creating new tasks and running them, but when I call the task asynchronously with task.delay(), it still runs synchronously.

After some research I found out that I need to change the setting CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER to false.

Do you know if this will have an impact on other celery tasks inside Geonode oder some functionality in Geonode?

I already tried changing this setting and than I get an error, that relation named something like "kombu" are missing.

Is it going to be enough when I add 'kombu.transport.django' to ist INSTALLED'kombu.transport.django',-APPS?

Thanks in advance!


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