[GeoNode-users] Cannot view uploaded layers

Stefano.LUONI at ext.ec.europa.eu Stefano.LUONI at ext.ec.europa.eu
Mon Jan 8 08:06:10 PST 2018

I've got this issue with layers: after uploading, which seems to be ok, I cannot view anything on Geonode website. More specifically, tiles are loaded but they not include anything of the layer, as WMS calls return errors like below.

This is what I spot from the GeoServer log:
2018-01-08 15:41:46,328 ERROR [geoserver.ows] -
org.geoserver.platform.ServiceException: Could not find layer geonode:afg_aal

This is what I spot from Apache error log:
[Mon Jan 08 17:01:31.588608 2018] [wsgi:error] [pid 1387:tid 140510650439424] Possible error with OWSLib. Turning all available properties to string

I'm trying with both raster and shape files; all files are correctly uploaded and I'm able to see them via Layer Preview from GeoServer side.

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, Geonode 2.7, Geoserver 2.12-SNAPSHOT.

Thank you very much,

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