[GeoNode-users] Setup using Docker

Stefano.LUONI at ext.ec.europa.eu Stefano.LUONI at ext.ec.europa.eu
Mon Jan 15 08:04:30 PST 2018

I got confused about setting up a new Geonode/Django project using Docker.

Can you address me to the latest recommended procedure?

I found different instructions on Geonode and geonode-project pages on GitHub

I think I should rely on geonode-project procedure, but I don't understand the first command:

docker run -v `pwd`:/usr/src/app geonode/django:geonode django-admin.py startproject --template=https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode-project/archive/docker.zip -e py,rst,json,yml my_geonode

I mean: why running geonode/django:geonode image, while having a Dockerfile containig reference to terranodo/django:geonode?

Furthermore, the requirements.txt file in geonode-project contains geonode repository (where I'm supposed to tag my branch of choice), while the same file from the Docker image wants to install geonode 2.6.3.

Is there anything not updated, or I just don't understand (sorry, I'm new to Docker)?

By the way, I already tried using geonode-project (from master) and I got an error during setup:

ImportError: No module named geonode.settings

Thank you very much,


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