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Pascal Coulon Pascal.Coulon at scisys.co.uk
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I have a use case where I need to securely access OGC services managed by GeoNode, Geoserver and GeoFence. Access is required outside Geonode portal into third party application: desktop, other spatial web portal, etc.

Geonode is used as the gateway to manage all datasets. On setting the permissions on a given datasets the relevant permissions are being pushed to GeoFence via its rest API. By default a ground data rule is set by default in GeoFence that prevent accessing / viewing all datasets; which means that then datasets would only be visible based on permissions set in GeoNode.

The above part makes sense as long as one browses the data only in GeoNode. However, as soon as one wants to access the OGC end points in say QGIS / ArcMAP (e.g. wms, wfs) available on http://mydomain/geoserver/geonode/wms, you are not anymore authenticated. I have already looked into basic authentication; but as far as I understand it, this approach requires recreating the Geonode user in GeoServer.

What are the options then for a desktop / third party application's user to access the secure OGC end-points managed through Geonode? Which Geoserver authentication filter one should use?

Hope this makes sense. Any thoughts or pointer would be greatly appreciated.



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