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Federico Gianoli gianoli.federico at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 05:00:05 PDT 2018

Dear list,

many thanks to Alessio for the introduction.

The procedure to receive the candidatures will *start *tomorrow *14th June
at 00:00* and it will *close *on *20th of June at 23:59* Central Europe
Summer Time (UTC+2).

Everyone interested to be part of the PSC of GeoNode, must send the
candidature on both the GeoNode Devel and Users mailing lists.

All the received candidatures will be collected and presented at this link
in the arrival order:


The *voting *week will start on *21st of June at 00:00* and it will
close on* 27th of
June at 23:59* Central Europe Summer Time (UTC+2).

Everyone must express 5 preferences via e-mail privately* ONLY to my
personal e-mail* GIANOLI.FEDERICO at GMAIL.COM

I undertake not to disclose preferences and to maintain your anonymity in
the selection of candidates.

At the end of the procedure, all the received e-mails with your votes will
be deleted.



gianoli.federico at gmail.com
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