[GeoNode-users] Harvesting data from remote catalogs

Joshi, Jigeeshu Jigeeshu.Joshi at ils-forschung.de
Thu Jun 28 08:16:33 PDT 2018


I have been testing geonode and geonetwork since couple of months.

Personally, I find Geonode more user friendly than Geonetwork. Uploading/downloading data is quite easy and the meta-data form is also not as exhaustive as in Geonetwork.

However, I have a requirement in which I need to harvest meta-data catalog from a remote repository. I could do that with Geonetwork. But, in Geonode only remote WMS server can be added.  If I am right, Geonode does not allow to connect, find and retrieve  data from remote repositories. In Geonetwork map client WMS URLs can be added.  In Geonode one can access only the data that is uploading in that Geonode instance.  Are there any plans to incorporate harvesting remote WFS service in  Geonode ?

Also in Geonetwork, geoprocessing service from a WPS endpoint can be utilized in the map . Is it possible or will be possible in near future to use WPS geoprocessing services in Geonode Map client ?

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