[GeoNode-users] Add Plugins to Geoexplorer Viewer for Geonode

Joshi, Jigeeshu Jigeeshu.Joshi at ils-forschung.de
Tue Mar 6 01:06:36 PST 2018

Hi All,

I want to add some features in Map viewer (Geoexplorer) in Geonode (like info widget which describes the map/project) . Can anyone guide me how this could be done?

>From the post I have referred so far I understood that-  we need to build geoexplorer  viewer from Boundless sdk locally. Add/develop all functionalities/plugins required and then integrate/overwrite into Geonode as a new Map Viewer. Is this correct?  Can you provide more info on how this could be achieved.

Or is it possible to add plugins directly to the existing geoexplorer in Geonode ? More info... ?

I am unable to find sufficient information on internet to go ahead with the task. Your help will be appreciated.


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