[GeoNode-users] Geonode Installation Ubuntu 16.04 - geonodeAuthProvider and Start-up log

Julierme Pinheiro juliermeopensourcedeveloper at gmail.com
Tue May 8 12:13:43 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I am about to finish geonode installation and at this stage following the
tutorial in here:

I could not find the subdirectory "geonodeAuthProvider" in auth directory.
I have "default" and "geofence" subdirectories in auth directory and both
subdirectories have a  config.xml that does not have <baseUrl>

This configuration is found in* step 3*

Edit /data/geoserver-data/security/auth/geonodeAuthProvider/config.xml with
a text editor

Also, after running

sudo tail -F -n 300 /var/lib/tomcat8/logs/catalina.out

I got the following error in the start-up logs:

ERROR StatusLogger Log4j2 could not find a logging implementation. Please
add log4j-core to the classpath. Using SimpleLogger to log to the console...

Is there any update in step 3 and could you give me a clue on how to fix
the error showed in the start-up log?

Thank you for your time in advance

Best regards

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