[GeoNode-users] Issues with Geonode map client after Linux software update

Joshi, Jigeeshu Jigeeshu.Joshi at ils-forschung.de
Fri May 11 01:09:54 PDT 2018

Hi All,

We have Geonode installed (not the latest 2.8) on linux server (Ubuntu). It is standard quick installation and not for development.  So then, couple of weeks ago I ran the usual Linux update (apt get update) which resulted in update of tomcat from 7 to 8.  This did not go well with Geoserver. So we had to setup tomcat 7 again.  And since then we are having issues rendering layers in Geonode map client:

-          Layers are not visible. No layer style available it seems.  After running 'geonode updatelayers' they are visible for that session.

-          Overlaying more than one layer does not work (all layers have same reference system ) even after 'geonode updatelayers'.

-          Query and editing tools are not working for any user.

If anyone has had such an issue or aware of it. Kindly provide a solution.

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