[GeoNode-users] add more workspace in upload layers

Handy Rusydi handy at galerigis.com
Wed Oct 24 04:55:04 PDT 2018

The problem is there are two layers in there. when I customize the windows when I click the point data and just shown the picture there is one more layer that just show the normal respond.
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>This was exactly what I had in mind.
>Thanks for clarifications Muhammad.
>– Toni
>>Am 24.10.2018 um 13:26 schrieb Muhammad Iqnaul Haq < iqnaulhaq at gmail.com> :
>>Hi Handy,
>>Sorry to jump in, I think what Toni means was that you have to specify the picture as the icon of the point features in your web-map viewer right? You have to change the marker icon into picture, leafletJS or openlayersJS documentation might help you. You don’t have to put the URL of the picture in your attribute table.
>>But if you want to display the pictures in Pop-up window once the features is clicked, then you have to specify the image urls in the attribute table and customized the window.
>>Hope this helps you
>>Thank You
>>Muhammad Iqnaul
>>GIS, WebGIS, and Remote Sensing Specialist
>>Jakarta, Indonesia
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>>>Yes It is. Sounds great.
>>this is my attribute now  https://ibb.co/d6ug1V
>>what is it should be of the attribute?
>>Need more instruction
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