[GeoNode-users] unable to load layer on Geonode-project 2.4

Andres Juarez albertoandres.juarez at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 14:30:14 PDT 2019

Hi all
Some time ago I took over the administration of a geonode instance
(installed in development mode) with geoserver 2.5

A few days ago I changed the password of the Geonode and Geoserver admin
users and since then I can not load layers through geonode. The error
message is

Unable to find the server at mydomain.com

Nor can I enter geoserver with the user admin, except if I turn off Geonode
(with paver stop_django) and leave only Geoserver on.
Update the admin password in local_settings.py, and restart everything, and
I can not find what the problem is.

What log file should I review to provide more information?

I appreciate the help.

   Andrés Juarez
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