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Pascal Coulon Pascal.Coulon at scisys.co.uk
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This is a great reply, thanks for the update. I thought it would be the case. I will create a pull request for this and you may wish to have it. The use of Ordnance Survey API in mapstore may be useful for many in the UK.



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Hello Pascal,
well, unfortunately at this time this is not quite easy to achieve in MapStore2.

There are plans to introduce a generic "TMS" Provider in the next release, but at this time only configured providers are supported. See the list here


In order to add your own provider, you should roughly follow those steps:

1) download the geonode-mapstore-client source code

git clone https://github.com/geosolutions-it/geonode-mapstore-client.git

2) go to folder geonode-mapstore-client/geonode_mapstore_client/client and run

git submodule update --recursive

3) edit the file ConfigProvider.js and add your new provider

vim MapStore2/web/client/utils/ConfigProvider.js

4) rebuild the library; from geonode-mapstore-client/geonode_mapstore_client/client

npm run compile

5) install your local version of the python library; from geonode-mapstore-client

pip install -e .

6) go back to geonode source folder and run

python manage.py collectstatic

7) restart the server after having updated the MS2_DEFAULT_BACKGROUNDs config accordingly

Hope this helps.

By the way, the same procedure applies whenever you would like to update/customize MapStore2 somehow.


Il giorno ven 26 apr 2019 alle ore 12:01 Pascal Coulon <Pascal.Coulon at scisys.co.uk<mailto:Pascal.Coulon at scisys.co.uk>> ha scritto:

We have decided to use MapStore2 as the main viewer in Geonode (2.10RC4). We would like to set-up a custom WMTS or XYZ (tile) layer for the background map. We are based in the UK and we would need to use the Ordnance Survey OGC feed for this.

In our settings.py we have set-up the following config.


if 'geonode_mapstore_client' not in INSTALLED_APPS:
GEONODE_CLIENT_HOOKSET = "geonode_mapstore_client.hooksets.MapStoreHookSet"

### The key to access OS API as obfuscated. #####

             "title":"Ordnance Survey",
              "allowedSRS": {
              "EPSG:3857": True
             "url": [
              "https://api2.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapping_api/v1/service/zxy/EPSG:3857/Outdoor 3857/${z}/${x}/${y}.png?key=xxxxx"
             "visibility": False,
              "matrixIds": [
              "tileMatrixSet": [
             "capabilitiesURL": "https://api2.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapping_api/v1/service/wmts?Request=GetCapabilities&key=XXXXXXXXXXXX"



The background data from OS does not get properly set and we get some JavaScript errors that lead us to believe that we are not setting the background layer the proper way.

Any help or recommendation would be gratefully received.



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