[GeoNode-users] Using Docker-based GeoNode with Github

Ran L. kula009 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 15:09:41 PDT 2019

Dear GeoNode Developers,

I'm trying to install and deploy GeoNode on two machines: a dev machine and
a server machine.

It seems that the most mentioned installation method  is to use docker. So
I created a customized GeoNode project by following instructions on :

However, I found the docker-based GeoNode didn't work as I expected: It
didn't get synced with my github repo.

To give you a better idea, here are what I did so far:

1. *On the dev machine*, I created  a "my_geonode" project by using the
following commands:

git clone https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode-project.git -b master
mkvirtualenv my_geonode
pip install Django==1.11.20
django-admin startproject --template=./geonode-project -e
py,rst,json,yml,ini,env,sample -n Dockerfile my_geonode
cd my_geonode

2. I used the command "docker-compose up --build -d" to launch the docker
containers, the GeoNode was running on localhost.

3. I modified the freshly created  "my_geonode" by adding test layers,
changing themes, creating users, modifying docker-compose.override.yml  to
update IP etc.

4. I linked the "my_geonode" directory to an empty GitHub repo, and pushed
the folder to the repo's origin master.

5. *On the server machine*, I cloned  "my_geonode" .git to the machine, cd
to the folder, and repeated step 1 to 2 again to run GeoNode

After that, I saw the GeoNode was running on the correct IP address, which
was specified in docker-compose.override.yml. Other than that, no change
was reflected. All I got was just a freshly installed GeoNode with default

As a beginner, I must have made terrible mistakes or misunderstood some
fundamental things. I suspect what I transferred to GitHub did not include
the docker containers, which caused the issue, Could someone kindly point
out how to do this correctly?

BTW, could someone also provide me a updated version of *GeNode
installation guide for Ubuntu 16.04?* The official documentation has some
issues that made the installation unsuccessful. That's why I decided to
turn to docker.

Your help is very much appreciated!

Thank you!


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