[GeoNode-users] Add Metadata in Geonode 2.10

Federico Gianoli alpacagis at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 05:56:10 PDT 2019

Dear list,

I have some troubles with metadata in Geonode 2.10.
Basically I have added some classes on metadata using the patch at this
link http://geonode.org/dev-workshop/#/5

In this way the new metadata added to the resource, then editing the
template I am able to add those new fields to the metadata wizard and
metadata detail, but I don't know how to add them to XML metadata download.
In GeoNode there are a lot of different XML templates for metadata, should
I have to add the new fields manually to each template? Does exist a parent
template? or do I have to patch also some other .py code to add the custom
metadata to templates?


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