[GeoNode-users] First problems with docker compose demono runing as a sudo

Amedeo Fadini amefad at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 04:26:14 PDT 2019

Hi Everybody, in my project I've already setup a customizede geonode-project

Now I'm trying to use docker compose as stated in the github
geonode-project readme

It seems that as the docker daemon is running as a service when I launche

docker-compose build --no-cache

It throws the errorr "Couldn't connect to Docker daemon"

If instead i Use

sudo docker-compose build --no-cache

It fails on compilation because the virtualenv is not setted up for sudp

What the correct way to launch docker-compose build for a geonode project?
I think it could work if I launch it by su after activatign Virtualenv for
su but i seems me a very bad Idea.


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