[GeoNode-users] How to make Geonode POINT TO a customized version of MapStore2?

Chiara Sammarco chiara.sammarco at geodatalab.it
Mon Nov 11 02:31:15 PST 2019

Good Morning all,

is it possibile to make a geonode installation point to a custom
installation of Mapstore2?

In other words, let's suppose that I want to customize somehow the
mapstore2 viewer in geonode. So let's suppose that I have cloned the github
repo of mapstore2 and that I've made the desired modifications. Now I have
my mapstore2 service running somewhere <ip:port>.

Now, my question is how can I make my geonode installation point to this
mapstore viewer installation?

I've already seen that:
- in settings.py there's this variable
is equal to mapstore as default (but there are some other possible values,
like 'geoext', 'leaflet', 'react'...)
- that in case of "mapstore", django-mapstore-adapter and
django-geonode-mapstore-client  libraries are installed
- and a certain bunch of settings is added (as explained here:

Working with SPCGeonode 2.10, so with the docker version of geonode, I was
thinking maybe a possible way would be to make mapstore running in a
container, hence adding it in the docker-compose.yml ...

but in anycase, the question still is the same. How to make my geonode
installation use a certain mapstore installation?

Thanks in advance for your help.
A good start of working week to all,
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