[GeoNode-users] Migrate from Geonode 2.4 to 2.10

Eugenio Trumpy frippe12573 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 1 06:26:34 PDT 2020

Dear Toni and Alessio,

I would like to recap my migration attempt before with you both because you (actually even Paolo gave me some very valuable suggestions, but I understood he is now out of the geonode project) gave me some hints on how to proceed and afterword with the whole list.
Following and merging the suggestions from you three I think I am in a quite good situation but something is still missing to complete the procedure. As you can imagine from my previous email I changed a bit the procedure described in the documentation to have a better fit with my situation (I know you suggested more than once to be stick to the documentation).

In the version 2.10 I found problem on override the settings.py file with the local_settings.py file (I created it by coping local_settings.py.geoserver.sample and modifing it), so that I proceed (after a backup of the original settings.py file) to adjust settings.py.

I inserted my domain in the ALLOWED_HOSTS, and changed the URLs of Geoserver and set-up the connection with geonode db.
I'm not sure geonode_data db connection works fine. How could I check it?

As pointed by Alessio, I restored the geoserver data directories in the new instance. Geoserver is up and running with almost all the datasets I had in the old instance. So I see no problem from this side if I'm not wrong. The layers can be perfectly checked in geoserver 'Layer preview'.

I restored even the geonode db in the new server without issue, and by using directly settings.py file with the adjusted db connection, I was able to follow the instruction of db migration suggested in guide by Paolo.

I think I have now geoserver running, geonode db migrated and restored and geonode_data restored. I'm not sure that the set-up of the new authorization system geonode/geoserver is ok, I followed this documentation: https://docs.geonode.org/en/master/advanced/components/index.html#geoserver-2-12-x-and-above
Should be everything ok, but not sure, because for instance I cannot access geoserver directly from geonode (from the user menu).

In my geonode home page I see all the layers, maps, documents and users I had in the previous version.
The layers has the right metadata description, the style of the layers are corrects, but I'm not able to see the layer (I mean the actual data) both in the preview map as well as in the 'View layer'. The maps have the right layers but I cannot see them in the viewer.
Even the remote services have problems because they don't retrieve any layer.

In the geoserver log (I can acces geoserver directly from geoserver home page with the geoserver credential) I see no errors, as well as in the my_domain-error.log. There are some layer uploaded recently in the old version that is visible in the new version but they cannot be queried. If I click on a feature I have the 'There is no information available for the point you clicked' (if I check the same layer on geoserver 'layer preview' I'm able to get the information).

Just to let you know, the updatelayers command doesn't return any error, and it returns: Finished processing 0 layers
I tried even the sync_geonode_layers command, with this output: There are 0 layers which could not be updated because of errors.

I don't know if I'm far from the complete solution of the migration, have you got further suggestions for me?
Of course I could write an 'how to' if I successful finish this migration...

Best regards,

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