[GeoNode-users] Advice for whether I should use Geonode for my spatial data platform

Adi Eyal adi at openup.org.za
Sun Sep 27 03:44:06 PDT 2020

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong list for my question.

My organisation is developing a Django-based platform for linking tabular
data to spatial data and publishing it online. You can find an initial beta
running here: https://beta.youthexplorer.org.za/, code can be found here
<https://github.com/openupsa/wazimap-ng> and here

Before going too far down the road, I was wondering whether some, or all of
the project could be built on top of GeoNode. A cursory investigation
suggests that our use-case is different enough to warrant its own data
structures and workflow, but I was hoping that someone more familiar with
GeoNode and all of its components might provide better insight.

My main requirements are:

1. A set of spatial hierarchies can be loaded - e.g. country, province,
district, etc.
2. Arbitrary tabular datasets can be uploaded which links with these
hierarchies through some sort of natural key - e.g. ISO3166 code for
3. Data can be shaped by an administrator through grouping and filtering -
e.g. our typical datasets might have the following structure:
AUS,Female,20, 500
AUS,Male,20, 450
DRC,Female,20, 786,

Using this raw data. an administrator could create an indicator to show the
distribution of Genders by grouping by gender and geography and summing the
4. Serving the spatial boundaries + data via API
5. A frontend mapping interface that allows the user to navigate the
geography hierarchy and display the tabular data.

These are all features that have already been implemented. We would however
like to create a richer platform though that is able to serve this data
through a WFS platform, more robust data management etc.

It seems logical to consider GeoNode for handling some of the backend
features given the strong community and robustness of the codebase.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.



Adi Eyal
Director, OpenUp
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www.openup.org.za  |  +27 21 671 6306

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OpenUp is a non-profit organisation registered with the South African
Department of Social Development, number 133-850NPO. Licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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