[GeoNode-users] Geonode and GoServer communication problem

Julio Quadros jquadros at itcom.co.mz
Sun Dec 11 23:58:05 PST 2022



First of all let me tell you I don't know anything about Geonode, but
because my engineer expert had a breakdown, I had to take over.


I've installed Geonode Project (
https://docs.geonode.org/en/master/install/advanced/project/index.html) and
GeoNode Core (


I can open Geonode on port 8000 and Geoserver on port 8080, as described in
the documentation:


However, I don't think there is communication between them, because when I
do this:


1) In the browser, I open:  <>


2) Click on the power button


3) In the dropdown list that opens, I click on "GeoServer"


4) I get this


Page not found (404)

Request Method:            GET

Request URL:      <>


Well, I think the problem is  the "Request URL:
port 8000 when GeoServer is listening on POrt 8080. 


Question: where do I change that ??


Thank you


Julio Quadros

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