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Last Friday's status report from Yury...

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From: Yury A. Bychkov [mailto:ybychkov at direct.ca]
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 9:45 AM
To: mbdavis at vividsolutions.com
Subject: Report

Hi Martin,

Just a short report summarizing my activities:

1. Spent most of the time learning finer points of Java to C++ conversion
testing if my C++ classes work.
2. Converted Coordinate, CoordinateFilter, Dimension and part of Envelope.
3. Conversion time is reducing with each consecutive class as I learn how
different code structures map from Java to C++.
4. Total time spent from Friday, May 24 to Thursday, May 30 (inclusive) is
hours 13 min.

Decisions from Friday, May 31 phone meeting:
1. Create a .h file for platform-dependent values (e.g. Double.NaN)
2. Replace my additinal code in Coordinate (for 3D comparison) with code
uses NaN (see #1).
3. Use one .h file per package.
4. Replace 'equals' method in Comparable java classes with overloaded '='
5. Make sure that all Coordinates are values and not references.
6. Send weekly emails similar to this one.

Yury Bychkov
ybychkov at direct.ca

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