[geos-devel] Incorporating JTS 1.2 changes

Martin Davis mbdavis at VividSolutions.com
Wed Oct 16 14:13:18 EDT 2002

They do affect relate().  In JTS 1.1 relate() would fail if run on an geometry containing repeated points (since this was an invalid geometry according to the JTS 1.1 model).  In JTS 1.2 repeated points are effectively removed before operations are performed, so repeated points are no longer a failure case.

The changes are not too major, so it should be not problem to roll them in.    They should be independent of the debugging work Yury is doing now.  Perhaps the best strategy is to let him carry on cleaning up the current code.  When that's complete, he can roll in the changes from 1.2 before continuing on to the overlay ops and other operations.

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> Martin Davis wrote:
> > As people have probably seen, Version 1.2 of JTS has been 
> released to the world.   It incorporates a couple of 
> significant changes:
> >
> > - repeated points are now handled
> > - the robustness of line segment intersection has been improved.
> >
> > The GEOS project team probably need to think about if, when 
> and how these changes should be rolled into GEOS.
> Are these changes going to affect the relate() functions?
> If not, lets add these changes in when yuri starts on the 
> "intersection"-based functions.
> I'd really like to get these changes in fairly soon so we 
> dont have to worry about code drift.
> dave
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