[geos-devel] Status Report (October 15)

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Oct 22 20:28:21 EDT 2002

OK, having diff'ed up this tarball, it looks like 99% of the changes are 
in addition to that there are a bunch of changes to the build 
envirnoment to account for the new files. Norman, could you commit the 
changes to the build environment ASAP, for a  start?
Everyone, could we have some kind of decision on whether at() is a 
requirement? Norman noted that there is a bounds-check in at() which is 
not there in []. Is this check required by the code, or not? if not, I 
would just as soon use [], since we get wider compatibility with it. 
Otherwise we will have to require very fresh releases of the GNU STL in 
order to compile in GNU.

Norman Vine wrote:
> Yury A. Bychkov writes:
>>>Would you commit your working-but-slow changes so that the portability 
>>>crew can get things compiling under GNU?
>>Done. The latest version is in repository now.
> Here is a tarball of my GEOS directory 
> This contains the changes I  made to get GEOS to compile with  
> Cygwin using gcc 2.95.3
> http://www.vso.cape.com/~nhv/files/postgres/geos_nhv.tgz
> Cheers
> Norman
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