[geos-devel] commit of automake/libtool support

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Sep 3 11:54:50 EDT 2002

Not only does this work for me, but my "compilation problem" in 
graph/index which Yury was wondering about was in fact just a missing 
dependency problem which your build process neatly fixes.
Great work Ferdinando,

Ferdinando Villa wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just committed the following changes. Let me know if there's any
> problem associated with them. Ciao f
> * Add automake/autoconf support for one-lib compilation
> * add libtool support for shared libraries. --enable-shared={yes|no} and
>   --enable-static={yes|no} control static and shared lib generation.
> * Makefile.in and configure files added to cvs (for users without
> automake)
> * add dir macros/ with a GEOS_INIT macro to be used in configure.in
>   of other packages using geos (not used by geos itself)
> * add dir tools/ with geos-config script
> * the makefile in source/geom is the only one that generates a
>   library - all others have the source files in EXTRA_DIST only
> * small glitch: 'make dist' will give errors trying to add the
>   source files non local to source/geom to the archive using relative
>   paths. Does not have consequences other than the error messages - will
>   see if I can fix this. In general the one-lib, complex-tree solution
> is not
>   easy to work with in automake.     

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