[geos-devel] Portability

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Fri Sep 13 08:58:20 EDT 2002

Hi All,

Ferdinando's libtoolizing seems to work well for me, with
only minor modifications, on Cygwin and Mingw32, however
I haven't had much joy trying to get this to compile with either
 gcc version 2.95.3-10 (cygwin special)
   or the MUCH more  standard compliant but pickier
 gcc version 3.2 (mingw special 20020817-1)

If I can be so bold migh I suggest that the MSVC developers 'try' 
compiling this using the STL_PORT Library occasionally :-)

Another suggestion is that we use the C++ namespace feature.
I think that this would greatly enhance the usability of this code
esp. given the 'reasonably common' classnames that are being 



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