[geos-devel] problems with C/C++- getting warmer! (Reader Frees toomuch?)

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Mon Apr 7 17:29:18 EDT 2003


does this work for you ?


=== cut ===

#include <string>
#include <iostream>

#include "io.h"
#include "geos_api.h"

char *GEOSasText(GeometryWrapper g)
	string s = WKTWriter().write((Geometry *)g);

	char *result = (char *)s.c_str();

	return result ;

GeometryWrapper createGEOSFromText(char *wkt)
	cout  <<"geom text (to be parsed):"<< wkt << endl;

	Geometry *g = new Geometry;
	WKTReader r = WKTReader(new GeometryFactory(new PrecisionModel(),-1));

	g = r.read(wkt);

	cout << endl << "geom (WKTWriter):"<< WKTWriter().write(g) << endl;

	return (GeometryWrapper)g;

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