[geos-devel] How to build GEOS by VC++ 6.0

Hisaji Ono hi_ono2001 at ybb.ne.jp
Tue Apr 22 15:03:30 EDT 2003

Thank you very much, Mr. Bychkov & Mr. Vine.

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Subject: Re: [geos-devel] How to build GEOS by VC++ 6.0

> I've created and added to CVS a new top-level directory called
VisualStudio that
> contains a project and solution files (GEOS.vcproj and GEOS.sln
> for Visual C++ 7 (from Visual Studio .Net)
> Hopefully it will work for earlier versions as well.

  Unfortunately, I couldn't build this GEOS sources by my VC++ 6.0.


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