[geos-devel] latest geos cvs breaks on make

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Sun Aug 17 14:44:43 EDT 2003

I have committed the patch, with some changes:
The references in source/Makefile.am to directories with no Makefile.am 
themselves have been removed.
The top level Makefile.am has had the reference to the 'except' directory 

I have also committed some file removals to hopefully address Norman's troubles 
with cvs diff. Incidentally, I find unified diffs (-u) way way easier to read 

geos now compiles cleanly for me and runs the usual test suites.


Quoting Norman Vine <nhv at cape.com>:

> Attached find changes I made to the current CVS
> inorder to compile with gcc 3.2 Cygwin
> Note this diff has been *heavily* hacked by me from what CVS diff
> returned in that files that are *usually* not in CVS but generated by
> autogen.sh are in the CVS.  This is a PITA for development as
> CVS diff does not work as expected.
> Could we please get the CVS to represent only those files
> left after doing a 'make maintainer-clean'
> Norman

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