[geos-devel] Also Failing

David Blasby dblasby at refractions.net
Mon Aug 18 13:55:13 EDT 2003


The crashes paul is speaking of are being caused by executing commands like:

delete geom;

This was reported before - it had to do with:

a. create a geometry factory
b. create geom1 from the factory
c. create geom2 from the factory
d. delete geom1;
e. geom2 now has an deleted precisionModel.
f. delete geom2;  -- segfaults

I believe you were going to make the Geometry's precisionModel be a full 
vesion (not a pointer).  ie.

typedef Geometry {...
      PrecisionModel   precisionModel;  //not a pointer

instead of:

typedef Geometry {...
      PrecisionModel   *precisionModel; //pointer


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