[geos-devel] GNU Changes

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed May 28 01:09:11 EDT 2003

Yury, beware, I have made a passel of GNU compatibility changes in the 

Also, I have a problem:
The automake / autoconf build process is currently set up to assemble 
all the object files in the source/geom directory, then link them into 
a library. Fine, except we are now getting name collisions between 
objects from different parts of the source tree, namely from

automake: source/geom/Makefile.am: object `Node.lo' created by 
`../index/bintree/Node.cpp' and `../graph/Node.cpp'
automake: source/geom/Makefile.am: object `Interval.lo' created by 
`../index/strtree/Interval.cpp' and `../index/bintree/Interval.cpp'

The result is unbuildableness.  So, either we get a couple distinct 
names, or figure out a way to marshall the objects within their home 
directories yet still build a unitary library. (I think the reason we 
ended up marshalling everything into source/geom was to get a single 
libgeos.so as a build result.)

Help from the automake/autoconf gurus most appreciated.

      Paul Ramsey
      Refractions Research
      Email: pramsey at refractions.net
      Phone: (250) 885-0632

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