[geos-devel] Python interface to GEOS 1.0

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Jul 13 13:09:59 EDT 2004

Definately interested. Could you get together w/ strk and agree on a 
directory layout for the SWIG wrappers, since once we have SWIG, I 
assume we'll gradually acquire bindings for all the other SWIG-supported 
languages. When you have he have agreement on how to layout the 
contribution I'll set you up with write access to the repository.

Sean Gillies wrote:

> With strk's help I was able to generate a swig-based Python
> module for GEOS 1.0.  If you are interested, the download is at
>   http://users.frii.com/sgillies/projects/PyGEOS.tgz
> I'd like to do this for the CVS GEOS as well, and, as strk
> pointed out yesterday, it's a good way to shed light on problems
> with the new GEOS API.  Importing the SWIG module runs a lot of
> code that you'd otherwise have to explicitly test.
> I'd be happy to donate this work to the GEOS project.  Let me
> know if you're interested.
> cheers,
> Sean
> -- 
> Sean Gillies
> sgillies at frii dot com
> http://users.frii.com/sgillies

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