[geos-devel] GEOS versioning

Darren Houston dhouston at beyondcompliance.ca
Mon Jul 19 14:46:01 EDT 2004

Hello all,

I went to the GEOS site to download the hourly cvs snapshot of GEOS only to 
find that the hourly snapshot is not being generated. This indicates to me 
possibly a change in GEOS cvs that broke whatever script generates the hourly 
cvs snapshot.

Our company is going live with PostGIS/GEOS very soon (today I am setting up 
the beta server to beta test). I realize GEOS versioning and interface is 
changing. The current GEOS I use is from cvs from June. I have just grabbed 
GEOS from cvs and will be installing this to the beta server. I have one 
general question;

Are there any caveats you see me running into with the major changes? I use an 
unmodified GEOS accessed only by PostGIS functions through the database.

Thanks for any insight,

Darren H.

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