[geos-devel] Interface changes

strk strk at keybit.net
Wed Jun 16 09:18:46 EDT 2004

I've updated GEOS interface to make all geometry constructors
copy given arguments (vector AND content).

As a side effect:

        o SegmentString constructor also copy given CoordinateList
          and deletes it at destruction time

        o SegmentString::getCoordinates() returns a copy of internal

        o new SegmentString::getCoordinatesRO() returns a pointer to
          the internal CoordinateList (no copy involved)

        o GeometryFactory::buildGeometry always returns a newly
          allocated geometry, so that the caller is free to delete
          arguments passed to it.

        o GeometryFactory geometry collection creators
          (createMulti*, createGeometryCollection) copy given
          vector AND content.

Reasoning about clients switched I've found that geos-config was 
broken in GEOS-1.0 (run with --version returned @@GEOS_VERSION@@
instead of actual version). I've fixed that, but I think a version
number (major,minor,patchlevel) should be put in some header for
ease of use. What do you think Frank ?


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