[geos-devel] Interface changes

Ferdinando Villa ferdinando.villa at uvm.edu
Wed Jun 16 09:30:13 EDT 2004

Yes please, add the version info - I think I originally put it at the
very start of configure.in, with a matching AC_SUBST at the end - that
should take care of it for geos-config and should propagate to the
object files through a gcc command line define. Maybe I just thought I
put it there :)

One point about version numbers: the geos.m4 macro file that I added to
the distribution (which defines GEOS_INIT(version) to be used in
configure.in by any automake-based program that wants to check for geos)
depends on having all three version numbers, and will not work correctly
with two. So if we want that to keep working, we should have 1.4.0, not
1.4, or the m4 macro should be made smarter (probably a better idea).


On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 09:18, strk wrote:
> I've updated GEOS interface to make all geometry constructors
> copy given arguments (vector AND content).
> As a side effect:
>         o SegmentString constructor also copy given CoordinateList
>           and deletes it at destruction time
>         o SegmentString::getCoordinates() returns a copy of internal
>           CoordinateList
>         o new SegmentString::getCoordinatesRO() returns a pointer to
>           the internal CoordinateList (no copy involved)
>         o GeometryFactory::buildGeometry always returns a newly
>           allocated geometry, so that the caller is free to delete
>           arguments passed to it.
>         o GeometryFactory geometry collection creators
>           (createMulti*, createGeometryCollection) copy given
>           vector AND content.
> Reasoning about clients switched I've found that geos-config was 
> broken in GEOS-1.0 (run with --version returned @@GEOS_VERSION@@
> instead of actual version). I've fixed that, but I think a version
> number (major,minor,patchlevel) should be put in some header for
> ease of use. What do you think Frank ?
> --strk;
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