[geos-devel] performance of WKTReader

Шебеко Евгений shebeko at mail.ru
Thu Nov 4 11:38:50 EST 2004

 Hi. I just compiled geos 2.1.0 using VC7 2003 compiler.

 1. Looks like that WKTReader is too slow, isn't it?

 I convert 29583 strings to multipolygons object;
 Total point count was 854744, avarage point count is 28

 Convertion time was about ~ 40 seconds.

  For comparation deep copy of all converted objects was about 1200
 This is good enough, if keep in mind complex structure of
 Deep copy of vector<string> that contain source for conversion was about 100 milliseconds

 2. Is any alternative to parse WKT?
 3. Is exist any solution to parse WKB?

 4. Just not exacly clear from documentation.
    Copy constructor and operator= make deep copy, isn't it?

Thanks for pay attantion.

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