[geos-devel] Geometry::relate checkNotGeometryCollection - unnecessary?

Owen Gibbins Owen.Gibbins at safe.com
Wed Nov 17 18:46:18 EST 2004

Hi all,

I am working with making spatial comparisons between geometries using GEOS, and ran into trouble when either or both of the geometries were GeometryCollections.  I tracked this down to the first two lines in Geometry::relate(const Geometry*):


Can anyone tell me if this check is really necessary? I commented out the two lines, and voilà! All my issues were resolved.  The intersection matrix resulting from a comparison between a GeometryCollection with another GeometryCollection, or between a GeometryCollection and a non-collection Geometry, makes sense in every test case I have run so far.

If there is no good reason not to get rid of this check, maybe someone would be so kind as to make this change.  I'm having trouble getting CVS set up for the GEOS repository, and I don't anticipate tinkering around much more with the code anyway.

Thank you!

Owen Gibbins

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