[geos-devel] win32 build

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Mon Sep 20 21:17:22 EDT 2004


I've attempted to build the current cvs version on Windows using Visual 
Studio .net and the included solution file to no avail ... multiple 
errors which I can post if you need them.  So I tried to back off to the 
2.0.0 version ... which has no windows support apparently.  To make it 
compile, I simply added all the cpp files to a blank dll project and set 
the include path, this seems to work (except I don't have a .lib file, 
but that's my problem ;))

However, I want to ask about copious warnings:

* SimpleGeometryPrecisionReducer.cpp line 103 ... geomEdit is never 
initialized AFAIK ... the code to do this is apparently commented out 
just above it.  Does this function ever get invoked?  It will most 
likely cause a crash if it does ...

* MarkupSTL.cpp: loads of signed/unsigned mismatches and size_t to int 
conversions :(

* DoubleBits.cpp: line 96, conversion from int64 to int?

* a whole pile of C4541 warnings ... (use of /GR- with polymorphic 
types) ... is this a problem? I just disabled them



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