[geos-devel] postgis/geos profiling

strk at refractions.net strk at refractions.net
Tue Sep 21 13:54:39 EDT 2004

I've added profiling support for GEOS functions in PostGIS.
For every invocation of GEOS function a NOTICE will be raised.
Here is an example of current format:

NOTICE:  PROF: p2g:7 g2p:18 gru:240 (9% conv / 90% run)

p2g: postgis 2 geos conversion time in microseconds
g2p: geos 2 postgis conversion time in microseconds
gru: geos run time in microseconds

In parentesis percentile of time spent in conversion and run.

Geometry type, composition and size (npoints) for both input 
and (when applicable) output would probably be good info to
add in the report.

Happy profiling.


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