[geos-devel] FIXED: problem with GEOS buffer(0) -- JTS works

dblasby at openplans.org dblasby at openplans.org
Mon Aug 22 21:04:11 EDT 2005

Thanks for the info on JTS & postgis, strk.

I'm interested to see JTS in postgis since there's a lot of JTS
functionality that would be good in PostGIS (like the topology
preserving generalization functions).  Not to mention that its easier
writing JTS-java code than PostGIS/GEOS C++ -- at least for a java
person like me!

Unfortunately, i dont have a checkout of postgis & GEOS on my windows
box (nor do I have a C++ compiler etc).  I'll give it a try when I get
my linux box later this week.

Getting OpenSource C++ code to compile on a windows box is a lot of work
- it would be great if there were nightly geos builds for windows (it
would save a lot of people lots of work, and you could get people like
me to test between releases).  Does the linux GCC have cross-compiling


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