[geos-devel] Visual Studio Wrapper Classes

Alan Jolly bjolly at utk.edu
Mon Feb 28 13:43:41 EST 2005

I am trying to use a few of the geos objects in the development of a .NET
project that will hopefully eventually become a web application.  To do this
I would like to use managed code and avoid ATL web services.  Does anyone
know if when writing wrapper classes I would need write classes just for the
class constructors and methods I am directly accessing (geometry, wktwriter,
geometry factory etc.) or will I need to write wrapper classes for the
objects accessed by objects like geometry.

Any suggestions on a plan of attack to include some of the geos
functionality in a web environment?  Thanks to all those who have taken the
time to contribute to this effort.

Alan Jolly
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The University of Tennessee
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