[geos-devel] geos 2.1.2 missing '.so'

Steve Halasz debian at adkgis.org
Fri Jun 10 16:17:19 EDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 12:41 +0200, Reiner Beck wrote:
> Steve,
> >Shouldn't the libraries have '.so' in their names?
> >  
> I had a similar problem related to a version mismatch of libtool and the 
> ltmain.sh in the project root directory. Well, this was not related to GEOS.
> However, assuming you do an installation from source, go to the geos 
> project main directory and run "libtoolize --force", do a "./configure" 
> and build geos. This fixed it for my project.
> See http://people.debian.org/~keybuk/libtool-missing_so.html for some 
> details ...

Thanks, this was very helpful. I followed the instructions at:


Then I ended up having to copy in acsite.m4 and autogen.sh from cvs and
running autogen.sh. But after that everything's fine.


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