[geos-devel] non precision related geometric issue

Carl Anderson carl.anderson at vadose.org
Mon Jun 20 20:02:49 EDT 2005

Based on recent improvements in the geos library, I have started in 
depth geometric testing.
Thanks to all for the improvements.

attached is a test file for XMLTester for a failure case.

The B object has an edge intersection with itself, violating assertions and of the SF SQL spec.  GEOS reports it as valid but 
upon intersection it abends.  JTS/GEOS is not conditioned to test for 
those assertions but Martin may have had those assertions in mind when 
writing the overlayOp bts.

This is not a precision issue as can be clearly be seen from the test file.

There is another variation of this issue that I cannot, as of yet, 
reliably express with a simple test case.
The variation invloves shared edges between the two test objects.  I 
will keep digging.


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