[geos-devel] Question about Geometry and GeometryFactoryrelationship...

Martin Davis mbdavis at VividSolutions.com
Wed May 11 13:02:18 EDT 2005

Geometrys need some metadata to allow methods to execute.  This
currently includes things like PrecisionModel and SRID (and may grow to
include more things in the future).  Rather than duplicate these for
every geometry, the GF is referenced by the geometry and shared with any
created geometrys.  This works well in the Java world.  

In the C++ world if this is a problem I guess each Geometry could own
its own copy of the GF.  This would require a code change to make
Geometrys copy the GF for created Geometrys, rather than keep a
reference to it.

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> Hi All: I'm running into trouble making a clean integration 
> of GEOS into MapServer. Problem is that GeometryFactory 
> objects must persist while any Geometry objects spawned from 
> that factory are in us. This makes it necessary to either use 
> a global factory which is problematic with theading, or 
> somehow couple the two so that they are created, persist and 
> are deleted together. I'm curious why Geometry's cannot 
> stand-alone? Perhaps I'm missing something obvious in my 
> implementation.
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