[geos-devel] Perl bindings via SWIG

Charlie Savage cfis at savagexi.com
Wed Aug 2 04:33:57 EDT 2006

> On Tue, 01 Aug 2006 21:34:52 -0600 Charlie Savage <cfis at savagexi.com> wrote:
>> Hi Ari,
>> Great work.
>> One thing to take a look at is the bindings in CVS for Geos 3 
> ok, yes that seems reasonable, but perhaps I wait until a tarball comes out :)

Unless you would like to work to get it included in the release?

> I wonder if Perl requires a bit different setup since it uses Makefile.PL

Strk is fairly adamant on using autoconf and automake...only matters if 
you want the Perl bindings to be added to GEOS.  If so, could you fit 
Makefile.PL in to that?

> This should be reported to the swig developers and fixed somewhere in
> swig/Lib/perl5 I think. I already reported similar issues to them few months ago
> but not yet this.


> I've submitted an abstract for FOSS4G at Lausanne on my Perl work. Are you or
> other Swig people going to attend?

Unfortunately I'm not.  Not sure about others.

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