[geos-devel] Building GDAL with GEOS in Unix

Elavazhagan.M elavazhagan.mouniandy at kcubeconsulting.com
Thu Dec 14 08:58:55 EST 2006



Can anyone please guide me how to enable GEOS Support in GDAL (Unix)? I have
installed Geos 3.0.0rc2 in my system and configured GDAL 1.32 with the
following commands:


"./configure -with-geos=yes". This did not work so I tried with "./configure
--with-geos=/root/usr/bin/geos-config" also.


Although these commands worked well and I successfully installed GDAL, when
I run the command "ogr2ogr", it gives the following error message:


"ERROR 6: Geos support not enabled"


Do I need to change anything in the makefiles of GDAL?


Please help me to resolve this issue.


Thank you.





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