[geos-devel] GEOS Head no longer compiles on MinGW

Charlie Savage cfis at interserv.com
Tue Feb 7 00:17:02 EST 2006

Hi everyone,

The recent changes to GEOS have broken the MinGW windows build (up to 
two weeks ago everything built fine).

The first problem is that the generated makefiles have libtool use gcc 
and not g++, thus the standard C++ library is not being linked.  The 
problem is that autoconf sees there are no sources a library it will 
choose the C compiler, not the C++ compiler.  This is now the case for 
GEOS, if you look at makefile.am in the source directory.

libgeos_la_SOURCES =

Note there are no sources anymore.  The post below describes the problem 
- but provides no solution:


This problem gets some hits on Google, but I've found no solutions.  
Maybe someone knows how to fix this?  For the moment I just manually 
update the makefiles (which is the best solution offered in the post above).

The second issue is more critical.  The MingW linker can't seem to 
handle GEOS's new layout with a library in each directory.  The linker 
dies with a segmentation fault, and this error message:

mingw32\bin\ld.exe: BFD 2.16.91 20050827 assertion fail 

Searching again with Google, its seems like lots of people have problems 
with cofflink, but I can't seem to dig up any help on this issue.  I 
guess the next step is go find the source for cofflink and see what 
assertion is failing.

Once again, any help appreciated!

Note my environment is MingW on Windows XP. g++ version 3.4.4, ld 
version 2.16.91, libtool version 1.5.22, autoconf version 2.59.




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