[geos-devel] Building latest CVS HEAD with MSVC++ 8.0

Charlie Savage cfis at interserv.com
Wed Feb 22 17:40:19 EST 2006

One thing to follow up on.  I realize there used to be VC++ solution  in 
the GEOS source tree.  However, it wasn't maintained and thus was 
removed a few months ago.

Is there any interest in having a working VC++ solution again?  I don't 
mind keeping it up to date since I do that locally anyways.

What I have now builds geos as a static library (have to because there 
aren't any DLL_EXPORT/IMPORT declarations in the geos C++ code base), 
builds the geos C dll, and builds the Ruby SWIG extension.  It would be 
easy enough to also add in building the Python SWIG extension.



Mateusz Łoskot wrote:
> Charlie Savage wrote:
>> Take a look at an email from today on the MingW mailing list about
>> round (attached below).
> Yes, that confirms what I wrote.
> Although, is GEOS considered as conformable to C (C99) or C++ standard?
> AFAIK GEOS is a C++ port of the JTS.
>> Strk - can we get rid of the use of round in geos?  If not, then I
>> think we have to have an implement in the GEOS source tree.
> I'd suggest to get rid of it too.
> Cheers
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