[geos-devel] Building latest CVS HEAD with MSVC++ 8.0

Charlie Savage cfis at interserv.com
Wed Feb 22 19:41:32 EST 2006

Hi Chris,

Yup, understood.  I've been bugging strk a bunch about Windows.  VC++ is 
quite close to working again (just the round issue).

Unfortunately, MingW broke (worked fine before) with the change to using 
a bunch of static libraries that are linked at the end.  Everything 
compiles fine, but a segmentation fault happens when linking.   See 
http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=14729192 for more 
info.  Unfortunately, I don't see any easy way to fix this and haven't 
found a way to work around it.


Chris Hodgson wrote:
> Mateusz Łoskot wrote:
> > I don't understand. Are you talking about round function issue?
> > Does it mean you are asking if it's worth to keep GEOS compilable
> > with VC++ ?
> > If I'm following your point, should I understand that GEOS is (usually)
> > not compiled by the GEOS Community with VC++ at all?
> The primary development target is linux/gcc-g++. However we certainly 
> do want to maintain compatibiliy with solaris, windows/mingw, and 
> native windows/VC++. As strk has mentioned, he's busy doing new work 
> right now, and that will take priority over compatibility 
> changes/improvements. Ideally we could get some people regularly 
> testing on the various other platforms and submitting patches, etc. to 
> keep everything compatible. Until we have these "platform champions", 
> the other platforms will suffer :(
> Chris
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