[geos-devel] geos-2.2.0 / FreeBSD 4

Konstantin Saurbier saurbier at math.uni-bielefeld.de
Thu Jan 12 05:43:38 EST 2006

Benjamin Thelen wrote on Thu Jan 12, 2006 um 10:59:42AM:
> Thank you! Meanwhile Konstatin has solved the error. It had something to with a 
> wrong version of libtool.

The error was compiler dependand. While geos cannot be build with gcc 2.95
and needs to get USE_GCC=3.4+ set in the port Makefile, libtool15 was 
compiled with gcc 2.95.
Bacause of the version differences ld fails.
The solution was to use the libtool scripts shipped with geos.

I have updated the FreeBSD geos port to 2.2.1. Now it compiles without
complains on FreeBSD 4.x, 5.x and 6.0.

Best regards,

Konstantin Saurbier
(Maintainer of the FreeBSD Port graphics/geos)

Konstantin Saurbier                Tel.: 0521 106 3861
Computerlabor Mathematik                        U5-138
Universitaet Bielefeld             Universitaetsstr.25
33501 Bielefeld
email:                  saurbier at math.uni-bielefeld.de

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